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Thinking of taking that COUNTER OFFER ?


If you are thinking about accepting a counter offer from your current company you should think very carefully.


Using another job offer as a bargaining chip may be tempting, but all too often it works against you in the long run. There are many reasons for this, here are a few to think about.


1. Employers often make counteroffers in a knee jerk reaction before thinking it through. But soon after their initial relief passes if you accept, your relationship with them (and your future within the company) has been fundamentally changed. You wanted to leave, you can't be trusted, you may do this again and you will be vulnerable if your company needs to change in the future.


2. The company may also search for a replacement on the basis that you may seek to leave again. Once they have found someone in their own time you may find you will be replaced or looked over for promotion. Typically we find that around 80 percent of people who accept counteroffers have left the company within a year for various reasons.


3. You must look at all the reasons why you wanted to leave in the first place and decide if these have been addressed by the counter offer. These reasons can include money of course, but often other factors are key such as, culture fit, your boss, scope of the role, lack of recognition, work/life balance etc. Ask yourself if these factors are going change by accepting the counter offer, if not you will be back to square one and feeling frustrated.


4. Even if you achieve a raise from your company now, think about why you had to get to this situation to achieve it and how it may impact on your future salary requirements.


5. It would be very difficult for the potential new employer to ever consider you again and indeed the type of role they have may also not come up very often in the marketplace. You need to consider this carefully, try to imagine how you would feel in a years time at the new company and then envisage the same situation at your current employer.


Of course there are always exceptions,  but the statistics show you should be very, very cautious before taking that counter offer.